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Brill Building Sound: Where Rock and Roll Began

20/07/2019, Author: Audio Academy

Sometime after the Tin Pan Alley era of music. In the late 1950s, located at 1619 Broadway in the heart of New York’s music district, stood the Brill Building. It became the center of brilliantly crafted, professional songwriting and music […]

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Motown Hitsville USA: Defining 20th Century Music

12/07/2019, Author: Audio Academy

The global phenomenon that was Motown Records, that began very modestly in Detroit, created one of the most influential sounds of the twentieth century and became a hit-making, musical legend-producing factory. The nickname, Hitsville U.S.A. was given to Motown’s first […]

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Tin Pan Alley – A Musical Phenomenon & Genre

28/06/2019, Author: sooraj_90

Long before the music industry in the United States was as ubiquitous or global as it is now, Tin Pan Alley boasted of a group of music publishers and songwriters in New York who shaped popular music in the United […]

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Ashwin Shetty: The Winding Road to Living His True Calling

22/06/2019, Author: Audio Academy

It is not typical for a boy in school to chance upon his true calling in eighth grade. And it is even more unusual for him to eventually decide that college and graduation — the path that is usually laid […]

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The Inimitable Duo of Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II

10/06/2019, Author: Audio Academy

Earlier this year, Ariana Grande’s song “7 Rings” topped the Billboard Top 100. The song begins with a sample of the song “My Favourite Things”, the classic song from the movie ‘The Sound of Music’. Thanks to this, 90% of […]

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Niranjan Shivaram wins Best Educator at IRAA Awards

02/06/2019, Author: Audio Academy

Audio Academy was part of the recently concluded Palm Expo 2019, an exposition for pro audio, lighting and AV integration systems. The Indian Recording Arts Academy (IRAA) Awards that honors excellence in audio recording and mixing was also part of […]

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Gautham Pattani: Creating A Career in Sound

10/05/2019, Author: Audio Academy

What do you do when you know exactly where your passion lies but the training that you need to pursue in order to do it is elusive? Gautham Pattani started out as a musician living in Chennai and while it […]

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David Bryne – Playing With Life

26/04/2019, Author: Audio Academy

Any profile of David Byrne is sure to struggle with deciding on a descriptor to use for him. Far more than an art-rock cult hero, he is an Oscar-winning film composer, record producer, actor, a collaborator with Robert Wilson and […]

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Loveless – The Landmark Album by My Bloody Valentine

20/04/2019, Author: Audio Academy

1991 was a groundbreaking year in music. Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Metallica, and Red Hot Chili Peppers all released full-length albums, each with their distinctive sound. In the excitement over these albums, My Bloody Valentine’s musical masterpiece ‘Loveless’ did not get […]

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The Brilliance of Brian Eno

06/04/2019, Author: sooraj_90

Brian Eno is the one name in music who is connected to musicians as diverse as U2, Luciano Pavarotti, Nico, Karl Hyde and Coldplay. Famously having described himself as a ‘non-musician’, Brian Eno has been credited as composer, singer, keyboardist, […]