New batch begins on January 29th 2020.
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System Design & Alignment Course



This program is for individuals from the audio industry who would like to brush up on the basics of audio and get up to speed with the latest in the business. Atleast 2 years of work experience is mandatory.


This 3 day program includes fundamentals of system design, acoustical factors in system interaction , fundamentals in electrical and electronics. The program also covers use of Real Time Analyzer to improve intelligibility of audio systems.


The course is run using the award winning FFT Software from Rational Acoustics – Smaart. The system includes, Meyer Sound Audio System, AVID digital Live Sound Audio consoles , Meyer Sound Galileo & DPA microphones.


The course fee is Rs. 45,000/- plus taxes.


Classes will be held 8 hours a day for a 3 day period.


Module 1 - Audio Basics

Basics of Sound & Structure of Sound

Frequency Response , Sound Level & related relationships , Dynamic range , Graphic Eqs , Balanced Vs Un Balanced Signals

Basic Electronics

Pre Amplifiers & Power Amps

Passive & Active speakers

Conventional Array Vs Line Array

Module 2 - Acoustical Factors & Speaker Interaction

Comb filters

Conventional speaker Array (2way,3way,4way)

Line array – Beam stearing

Digital & Analog Crossovers – Filters

Module 3 - System Design & Alignment

System Design & System Setup

Real Time Analyzers – Rational Acoustics Smaart

Equalizing main PA


Ashwin Shetty

Ashwin Shetty

Avid certified Venue Professional & Faculty

International acts likes Mumford & Sons and Ernie Hasse (Gospel), as well as big banner artists like Sid Sriram and Agam, have benefitted from Ashwin’s experience in Live Sound. A mainstay with the indie pop band When Chai Met Toast, he wears many hats at Audio Academy; in addition to teaching and mentoring our students, he is an accomplished lighting engineer and heads everything Live sound.

Niranjan Shivaram

Niranjan Shivaram

Co- Founder, CTO & Audio Expert
A stint of training with Meyer Sound and a passion for all things audio has led to Niranjan living his dreams. From working on shows for music legends like Scorpions, Aerosmith, and Metallica to being the mainstay engineer with Thermal & a Quarter and Avial, Niranjan enjoys a good gig. Co founding a school that’s shaping the next generation of audio engineers from India, Niranjan, a certified AVID instructor, Niranjan embodies everything Audio Academy strives for.