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Professional Courses in Audio Engineering

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March 24th 2023

Recording Arts and Live Sound Engineering

12-month program including 2-month internship

Electronic Music Production

12-month program 

  • Intensive hands on training
  • Intern with the best studios & live sound companies
  • Train with the best musicians in our own Pro Tools studio
  • Work with the best equipment & engineers in concerts

Fee: 4,75,000/- plus taxes

Eligibility: Completed 12th


Phone: 080 47090885 

Address: 40/2 , Virgo Nagar (opp Cipla factory),Bangalore, India 560049

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    About Audio Academy

    Audio Academy in Bangalore, India provides courses in Audio Engineering. Courses are offered in Live Sound, Studio Sound, and Music Production. We provide professional equipment and offer practical education. Full-time courses come with government-approved diplomas. Students are mentored by certified and qualified professionals. These professionals are regularly engaged for their expertise by the industry.

    The live sound department is the best in India. A facility that is complete with the latest equipment and a full-fledged setup. We also rent out gear regularly for shows. The students work on a minimum of 40 shows before they graduate.

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    The institute is equipped with a spacious and well-designed recording studio. Students work on various professional recordings. The course requires them to complete at least 100 hours of studio time before they graduate. This studio is also rented out for professional music and movie recordings. The carefully designed acoustics of the studio ensures a pleasing and vibrant vibe.

    Our production program encompasses everything from the fundamentals to be able to produce a full-fledged song. We take you through the production of radio spots, jingles, and audio for video projects. Students undertake commercial assignments during the program.

    All the courses focus on practical application. Students are trained through precise practical exercises that ensure a thorough education. This would mean that an audio academy certified engineer is prepared for any and all eventualities of the industry. We at audio academy believe that no audio curriculum is complete without intensive hands-on practical training.

    Students of the sound engineering courses are required to participate in internships in studios or rental companies. On completion of the course, students take up the highly acclaimed AVID certification exam to be on par with any top sound engineer in the world.

    Audio Academy provides the technical know-how to anyone interested in audio at varying levels in the audio industry. These include mixing and mastering classes, production courses, and fundamental courses for beginners. Courses can also be customized to the individual’s requirements.

    Audio Academy News

    Must learn drum beats

    Must learn drum beats for music production

    As a music producer, one of the most important skills you can have is the ability to create great drum beats. Whether you're producing electronic dance music or hip-hop, a good drum beat can be the backbone of your entire track. In this blog post, we're going to go...
    Make music with the help of A.I

    Make music with the help of A.I

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has greatly impacted the music production industry, making it easier for musicians to create, produce, and share their music. In this blog post, we will explore the top AI tools for music production, beat making, and song-writing, and...
    Home studio

    Setting up a bedroom studio on a budget

    Setting up a low-budget bedroom studio as an independent musician can be a great way to record and produce your own music without the need for expensive equipment or professional studio time. Even if you don't have the budget or possibility to soundproof the room, it...

    How to release music on streaming platforms as an independent musician

    Releasing music as an independent musician on Spotify and Apple Music can be done through the use of digital distribution platforms. These platforms allow independent artists to upload their music to various streaming services, including Spotify and Apple Music, as...
    Streaming Music

    Streaming Platforms

    Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic that has hit a majority of businesses globally, the music industry is one that has seemingly seen its wings clipped and modus operandi tweaked to a large extent. “You can't record music once every three to four years and think that's...
    Audient’s analogue recording console ASP8024

    David Dearden and Audient’s Analog Console

    David Dearden is best known as the designer of Audient’s analog recording console ASP8024, an analog recording classic. Incredibly knowledgeable, affable, and humble, his career path was connected early on with consoles. That idea gave birth to our flagship console...

    Britannia Row Productions Workshop

    Brit Row’s Marcel Van Limbeek and Luca Stefani came to Bangalore to conduct a live sound workshop hosted at Audio Academy. They kicked things off by promptly introducing the attendees to the legacy of Britannia Row. How the company grew from a small roadie crew for...

    Shure Workshop

      On the 25th of February, Shure came to Audio Academy to conduct a workshop on their microphones and RF systems. The day began with Chicco from Shure SA showing the students a presentation on the history of the brand and their latest developments. This was soon...
    Microtonal guitar

    The Use of Microtonal Scales in Contemporary Music

    In contemporary music, while it appears that there is a standardized system of tuning, in reality, the manner in which an instrument is tuned or even whether it is considered to be “in tune” is not objective or universal. This varies from culture to culture and...

    Rigging Workshop

    Rigging is a vital part of the live sound industry. Over the years, several rigging techniques have been used to rig PA and truss using chain pulleys, cranes and other devices. Improper rigging of a truss, a speaker, or a rigging failure can expose riggers and others...