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Audio Academy, in Bangalore, India provides courses in Audio Engineering. Courses are offered in Live Sound, Studio Sound and in Music Production. We provide professional equipment and offer practical education. Full time courses come with government approved diplomas. Students are mentored by certified, and qualified professionals.These professionals are regularly engaged for their expertise by the industry.

The live sound department is the best in India. A facility that is complete with the latest equipment and a full fledged set up to take on a mid size show. This gear is also rented out from time to time and used for shows taken up by the Academy. The students work on a minimum of 50 shows before they graduate.

The institute is equipped with a spacious and well designed recording studio. Students work on various professional recordings. The course requires them to complete at least 100 hours of studio time before they graduate.This studio is rented out for professional music and movie recordings. The carefully designed acoustics of the studio ensures a pleasing and vibrant vibe.

Our production programme encompasses everything from the fundamentals to being able to produce a full fledged song.We take you through the production of radio spots, jingles, and audio for video projects.Students undertake commercial assignments during the programme.

All the courses focus on practical application. Students are trained through precise practical exercises that ensure a thorough education. This would mean that an audio academy certified engineer is prepared for any and all eventualities.We at audio academy believe that no audio curriculum is complete without intensive hands-on practical training.

Students of the sound engineering courses are required to participate in internships studios and rental companies. On completion of the course, students take up the highly acclaimed AVID certification exam, to be on par with any top sound engineer in the world.

Audio Academy provides also provides technical know-how to anyone interested in audio at varying levels in the audio industry. They include mixing & mastering classes , production courses and fundamental courses. audio basics course for beginners. Courses can also be customised to the individual’s requirement.

We have many of students from all over India and overseas. We ensure that they find suitable accommodation for the duration of the course.

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Audio Academy
Audio Academy is at Audio Academy.
Audio Academy
The System Design & Alignment class is underway, with Niranjan Shivaram at the helm of affairs.
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Audio Academy
Audio Academy is at Fandom At Gilly's Redefined.
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Audio Academy
Audio Academy
Let’s roll em cables. Literally the lifeline of the audio industry, neat cable rolling and storing is the key to maintaining your cables.
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Audio Academy
Audio Academy
"The live audio industry in India is at a transitional phase with the growth of corporate events, music festivals and live music venues mushrooming in every city. This in turn increases the need for quality audio engineers and personnel that are well versed with the concepts of live audio and the technical challenges that the event industry throws up at each passing moment. Audio Academy has been plugging this need with well trained and qualified audio engineers. Their impetus on hands-on training in the field has been a great tool to educate young audio engineers and ready them for the real world. In my years of dealing with the students of Audio Academy at various music festivals and events that they have been a part of, I remain content with the fact that the future of live audio is well looked after in their capable hands" - Nikhil V. Pai, Freelance Sound Engineer. #SoundBetter @ Audio Academy
Audio Academy
Audio Academy
Niranjan Shivaram’s long awaited, most sought after, limited edition, System Design & Alignment course is just around the corner, and we just realized we have a few seats left.

It’s next week, so you need to be quick.

To register, click on the following link.

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Audio Academy
Audio Academy
Audio Academy wins best Audio Education Programme 2019, at IRAA. Niranjan Shivaram, CTO and co-founder accepts the award on Audio Academy’s behalf.
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