Art of Mixing with ProTools

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Anyone who is keen on learning and refining their DAW skills for mixing with Pro Tools.


This 5 day crash course will take you through the essentials of Pro Tools based in the box mixing. The course is designed to make your mixing workflow on Pro tools more efficient and professional. In this course you will learn to mix smart through effective mixing techniques taking full advantage of Pro Tools’ inherent workflow.


A state of the art studio with a sound proofed & acoustically treated Control Room & Live Room.  The studio set up is equipped with a Pro Tools HD System  and industry standard reference audio speakers.


The Course Fee is Rs. 45,000/- plus taxes.


In this 5 day program classes will be held for 3 hrs a day.



Session - 1 : Let’s fix it in the MIX

Conceptualizing the mix and making a plan

Adjusting volume and pan to balance the mix

Knowing when to process: mix problems vs. mix solutions: Importance of getting your sound right.

Session - 2 : Jump start to mixing

Mixing “in the box” and analog mixing

Setting up the studio: monitors, acoustics

Organizing the session: tidying up the session, labeling tracks and clips, adding memory locations.

Optimizing your session for mixing

Pro tools: Preferences and Settings

Session - 3 : Pro Tools MIXER Anatomy




Sends and Returns

The Pro Tools Mix Window

Configuring the Mix Window

Understanding mixer signal flow

Using inserts and plug-ins

Working with plug-in settings

Using sends and creating effects returns

Submixing with aux tracks

Using groups while mixing

Session - 4 : Equalization

Understanding the mechanics of sound

Learning the basics of EQ: frequency-specific level control

Exploring EQ strategies in mixing: correcting vs. creating

A working example: kick drum and bass

A working example: filtering loops

Exploring mixing tips and tricks: EQ

Session - 5 : Gain-based Processing

Understanding dynamics and dynamic range

Working with dynamics processors

Using the AVID and third-party plugins

Using gates and expanders

Using de-essers to eliminate sibilance

Mixing tips and tricks: dynamics

Parallel or upward compression

Session - 6 : Time-based Processing

Time-based effects to add depth and width

Exploring and using Revibe II

Using third-party plugins

Mixing with reverb and delays

Working with the AIR Creative Collection

Building distortion and saturation using CRANE SONG

Session - 7 : Pro Tools Automation

Basic Automation

Recording Automation (Write Mode)

Playing Back Automation (Read Mode)

Turning Automation Off

Viewing and Editing Breakpoint Automation

Understanding automation

Recording real-time automation moves

Viewing and editing automation

Using clip gain

Automating plug-ins

Exploring automation strategies for mixing

Session - 8 : Delivering the MIX

Understanding the characteristics of a great mix

Crafting your mix


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Gautham Pattani

Gautham Pattani


When he’s not teaching recording, post production or fundamentals in audio, Gautham can be found recording bands, or mixing sound for films. He’s also a musician of standing- partial to the bass guitar, and enjoys mentoring our students in music production.


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Aman Dubey

Aman Dubey


Aman is a keen musician and forms an integral part of the studio and production teach team. His skills as a producer add a vital dimension to our studio mix.





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