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Do Musicians Make For Better Language Learners?

24/02/2018, Author: Audio Academy

When it comes to music and its relationship to language learning, it is logical that paying close attention to pitch and rhythm gives musicians an advantage when it comes to language learning. Music and language have many similarities. Both are [...]

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Analogue tape recording VS Modern digital recording

14/02/2018, Author: Audio Academy

It has been many years since 2500-foot reels of magnetic tape began to be put into storage in favour of computer hard drives capable of recording music faster and cheaper than ever before. But decades after the digital revolution, the [...]

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The Making of A Sound Engineer

24/01/2018, Author: Audio Academy

Coldplay’s first concert in India at the Global Citizen Festival India was held at in Mumbai in November 2016 with more than 80,000 fans from across the country thronging the event. Arnold Coelho, Audio Academy alumni was part of the [...]

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How To Develop Perfect Pitch

13/01/2018, Author: Audio Academy

Whispers, horns, music, dog barks, the sound of the TV in the neighbour’s house— these are all sounds of the world that only come to life for us because of our ears. Capable of detecting sound waves that travel through [...]

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The Year That Was: Audio Academy Looks Back at 2017

30/12/2017, Author: Audio Academy

As you gear up to say goodbye to 2017 and welcome in a brand new year, the team at Audio Academy wishes you a great holiday season and brings you a roundup of our best posts from the past year. [...]

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An Extraordinary Sound Effect That Will Have You On The Edge of Your Seat

16/12/2017, Author: Audio Academy

Remember the movie The Dark Knight and the sound of the Batpod, the motorcycle that sounds like it is constantly accelerating? What about the pace of the Christopher Nolan movie, Dunkirk— did it have you on the edge of your [...]

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Working At Audio Academy

07/12/2017, Author: Audio Academy

Work culture is connected to the employees of an organization and guides the numerous decisions that employees make on their own every day. It guides little details such as what to do when a client makes an unprecedented service request [...]

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Meyer Sound’s Bluehorn System Redefines The World of Loudspeakers

17/11/2017, Author: Audio Academy

Meyer Sound’s Bluehorn System has been touted as a technological breakthrough that is the product of over six years of intensive research. It has very quickly won the appreciation of well-known film composers and music professionals and is seen as [...]

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The Intricacies of Stage Lighting & Design

10/11/2017, Author: Audio Academy

From a rock show and a jazz concert, to a play staged outdoors or indoors, stage lighting is an aspect that can never be the same. The nuances of what makes for great lighting design is what makes this a [...]

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A journey into sound systems : Neil Lean

27/10/2017, Author: Audio Academy

Every young man who loves music dreams of playing in a band. And that is exactly how Neil Lean’s foray into music and sound began. Besides exploring his musical direction and played with a couple of bands, he was also [...]