Rigging is a vital part of the live sound industry. Over the years, several rigging techniques have been used to rig PA and truss using chain pulleys, cranes and other devices.

Improper rigging of a truss, a speaker, or a rigging failure can expose riggers and others working nearby to a variety of potential hazards. Learning about the different equipment used in rigging and different techniques you apply while rigging, does not only ensure safety but makes working at venues more convenient.

The rigging workshop at Audio Academy taught the students all the major aspects of rigging. This workshop emphasized methods of inspecting rigging gear prior to use as well as inspecting ground clearance before climbing on to the rope or rigging. Students learned two types of safety knots- the figure of eight knots and the stop knot. Working in groups and navigating through an obstacle course was also part of the workshop.

When the instructor was confident that the students at the workshop were adequately equipped with safety rules, he paired common methods of trussing and rope climbing with a practical rigging activity. The activity was designed to provide hands-on experience for climbing a rope, using the right rigging techniques and mounting gear. Each student got an opportunity to climb a six-meter-tall rope, as a part of this workshop.