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Category: Workshops


David Dearden and Audient’s Analog Console

20/05/2020, Author: Audio Academy

David Dearden is best known as the designer of Audient’s analog recording console ASP8024, an analog recording classic. Incredibly knowledgeable, affable, and humble, his career path was connected early on with consoles. That idea gave birth to our flagship console […]


Britannia Row Productions Workshop

20/03/2020, Author: Audio Academy

Brit Row’s Marcel Van Limbeek and Luca Stefani came to Bangalore to conduct a live sound workshop hosted at Audio Academy. They kicked things off by promptly introducing the attendees to the legacy of Britannia Row. How the company grew […]


Shure Workshop

15/03/2020, Author: Audio Academy

  On the 25th of February, Shure came to Audio Academy to conduct a workshop on their microphones and RF systems. The day began with Chicco from Shure SA showing the students a presentation on the history of the brand and […]


Rigging Workshop

14/02/2020, Author: Audio Academy

Rigging is a vital part of the live sound industry. Over the years, several rigging techniques have been used to rig PA and truss using chain pulleys, cranes and other devices. Improper rigging of a truss, a speaker, or a […]


Sampling with Ableton Live: DJP Media workshop

30/08/2019, Author: Audio Academy

Ableton certified trainer Dawn Philip begins the workshop with a discourse on what constitutes electronic music. He insists that electronic devices such as synthesizers and samplers are simply instruments just like any other acoustic instrument one might be familiar with. […]


Robert Scovill Visits Audio Academy

13/09/2017, Author: Audio Academy

Live sound enthusiasts and technology geeks were in for a treat when multi-award-winning live sound engineer, Robert Scovill was in India recently to conduct two workshops (in Mumbai and Bangalore) on mixing using the AVID S6L. Students at Audio Academy [...]


Pro Tools Workshop at Audio Academy

18/08/2016, Author: Audio Academy

This week at the academy, Avid product specialist Deepanshu Misra, conducted a workshop on Avid’s Protools 12.5 paired with the Avid S3 Console and and The Protools Control iPad Dock. Deepanshu explained the concepts of digital audio, Aanalogue to digital and Digital to [...]


DPA Microphones conducts a workshop at Audio Academy

26/04/2016, Author: Audio Academy

DPA Microphones is a Danish manufacturer of microphones for professional and consumer markets. DPA conducted a workshop along with their team at the Audio Academy campus. This was the first workshop of its kind in collaboration with Ansata Computer Systems. The workshop [...]