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Does Music Make Your Smarter? A Question For The Ages

29/11/2019, Author: Audio Academy

The subject of the ways in which music affects the brain has long fascinated researchers and scientists. Originally a concept made popular in 1991, the phenomenon of the “Mozart Effect” gained credence after a 1993 study showed an 8-to-9-point increase […]

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Sun Records Studio – Historic Labels Series

16/11/2019, Author: Audio Academy

Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins, and Jerry Lee Lewis – these stars have been some of the biggest influences on rock ‘n’ roll. What united them beyond their rock ‘n’ roll talent was their famous association with Sun Records, […]

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Architectural Acoustics: Historical Monuments to Modern Day Concert Halls

17/10/2019, Author: Audio Academy

Since time immemorial, structures have been constructed so that theatrical and musical performances could be communicated to large audiences. In the Greek-Roman era, the ancient open amphitheaters and the roofed odeia did this for audiences as large as 15,000 spectators. […]

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Lawsuits and Music Ownership

30/09/2019, Author: Audio Academy

There are only a certain number of notes that can be combined in musical compositions which makes it unlikely that a musician can lay claim to have come up with a specific way of combining certain notes. However, there is […]

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The Birthplace of Jazz- New Orleans

08/09/2019, Author: Audio Academy

  Jazz does not have a specific day or point when it was created. It is a genre of music that emerged over time, mixing musical talent and emotions of the many cultures and artistic elements that existed in New […]


Sampling with Ableton Live: DJP Media workshop

30/08/2019, Author: Audio Academy

Ableton certified trainer Dawn Philip begins the workshop with a discourse on what constitutes electronic music. He insists that electronic devices such as synthesizers and samplers are simply instruments just like any other acoustic instrument one might be familiar with. […]

Academy Success Stories

Dr Rajesh Khade: Systems Engineer & Renaissance Man

24/08/2019, Author: Audio Academy

Dr. Rajesh Khade has just finished a long day of work at the Government Medical College in Miraj, a city in Sangli district in Maharashtra and yet this is just one part of his career. Working as a medical officer […]

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Quincy Jones : The Life And Work

01/08/2019, Author: Audio Academy

A multi-faceted musician, composer and record producer, Quincy Jones has earned his place in the history of music. The most Grammy-nominated artist in history, Quincy Delight Jones, Jr, often known just as “Q”, has 79 nominations and 27 wins. Born […]

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Brill Building Sound: Where Rock and Roll Began

20/07/2019, Author: Audio Academy

Sometime after the Tin Pan Alley era of music. In the late 1950s, located at 1619 Broadway in the heart of New York’s music district, stood the Brill Building. It became the center of brilliantly crafted, professional songwriting and music […]

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Motown Hitsville USA: Defining 20th Century Music

12/07/2019, Author: Audio Academy

The global phenomenon that was Motown Records, that began very modestly in Detroit, created one of the most influential sounds of the twentieth century and became a hit-making, musical legend-producing factory. The nickname, Hitsville U.S.A. was given to Motown’s first […]