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Streaming Platforms

24/08/2020, Author: Audio Academy

Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic that has hit a majority of businesses globally, the music industry is one that has seemingly seen its wings clipped and modus operandi tweaked to a large extent. “You can’t record music once every three to […]


David Dearden and Audient’s Analog Console

20/05/2020, Author: Audio Academy

David Dearden is best known as the designer of Audient’s analog recording console ASP8024, an analog recording classic. Incredibly knowledgeable, affable, and humble, his career path was connected early on with consoles. That idea gave birth to our flagship console […]


Britannia Row Productions Workshop

20/03/2020, Author: Audio Academy

Brit Row’s Marcel Van Limbeek and Luca Stefani came to Bangalore to conduct a live sound workshop hosted at Audio Academy. They kicked things off by promptly introducing the attendees to the legacy of Britannia Row. How the company grew […]


Shure Workshop

15/03/2020, Author: Audio Academy

  On the 25th of February, Shure came to Audio Academy to conduct a workshop on their microphones and RF systems. The day began with Chicco from Shure SA showing the students a presentation on the history of the brand and […]

Audio Trends & Gear

The Use of Microtonal Scales in Contemporary Music

24/02/2020, Author: Audio Academy

In contemporary music, while it appears that there is a standardized system of tuning, in reality, the manner in which an instrument is tuned or even whether it is considered to be “in tune” is not objective or universal. This […]


Rigging Workshop

14/02/2020, Author: Audio Academy

Rigging is a vital part of the live sound industry. Over the years, several rigging techniques have been used to rig PA and truss using chain pulleys, cranes and other devices. Improper rigging of a truss, a speaker, or a […]

Audio Legends

The Musical Legacy of the Byzantine Empire

24/01/2020, Author: sooraj_90

The Byzantine Empire existed from 330 to 1453 CE, varying in size over centuries with territories in Italy, Greece, the Balkans, the Levant, Asia Minor, and North Africa. While it was significantly influenced by the Greco-Roman cultural tradition, its culture […]

Audio Legends

Chess Records – Making Music History

16/01/2020, Author: Audio Academy

It begins like this. In 1928, two Polish-Jewish brothers, Lejzor and Fiszel emigrated to America when they were 7 and 11 years old, with their mother from the village Motule in Poland. Their surname, Czyż was eventually changed to Chess. […]

Audio Trends & Gear

Does Music Make Your Smarter? A Question For The Ages

29/11/2019, Author: Audio Academy

The subject of the ways in which music affects the brain has long fascinated researchers and scientists. Originally a concept made popular in 1991, the phenomenon of the “Mozart Effect” gained credence after a 1993 study showed an 8-to-9-point increase […]

Audio Legends

Sun Records Studio – Historic Labels Series

16/11/2019, Author: Audio Academy

Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins, and Jerry Lee Lewis – these stars have been some of the biggest influences on rock ‘n’ roll. What united them beyond their rock ‘n’ roll talent was their famous association with Sun Records, […]