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4DSOUND – Pushing The Boundaries of Experiencing Sound

05/01/2017, Author: Audio Academy

What is 4D Sound? 4DSOUND is a collective involved in exploring spatial sound as a medium. Founded in 2007 by composer Paul Oomen and technologists Poul Holleman, Luc van Weelden and Salvador Breed, the collective’s goal was to further the [...]

Audio Legends

On Tour: What It Means To Be a Live Sound Engineer

14/12/2016, Author: Audio Academy

If you have always been the guy who never misses a concert and yet has eyes mostly on the man behind the controls, then this article is for you. Often shrouded in anonymity, the live sound engineer is the one [...]


Ears & Years: What It Takes To Make a Great Sound Engineer

08/10/2016, Author: Audio Academy

One of the signs of a great sound engineer is the ability to intuitively ‘feel’ their way through a mix. You don’t have to be born with this talent. It is one that can be acquired with deliberate practice, focus [...]


A Practical Guide to Kickstarting YourAudio Engineering Career

25/09/2016, Author: Audio Academy

Have you always been more fascinated with the guy live mixing at a concert rather than the band who is performing? Or maybe your dream was to create a career involving your passion for sound and ear for music? Stop [...]


Pro Tools Workshop at Audio Academy

18/08/2016, Author: Audio Academy

This week at the academy, Avid product specialist Deepanshu Misra, conducted a workshop on Avid’s Protools 12.5 paired with the Avid S3 Console and and The Protools Control iPad Dock. Deepanshu explained the concepts of digital audio, Aanalogue to digital and Digital to [...]

Audio Trends & Gear

How To Ensure A Brilliant Studio Recording

02/08/2016, Author: Audio Academy

Recording a musical performance is an art in itself— from the preparation involved to getting it to sound good and equipment. Considerably different from a live performance, sound engineers and music producers need a whole different skillset to ensure that they draw [...]

Audio Trends & Gear

Sound Reinforcement Systems

19/07/2016, Author: Audio Academy

A sound reinforcement system is designed and engineered to make capture and amplify sound and deliver it to an audience. The clear role it has is to distribute sound evenly to the areas where the listeners are, while ensuring that sound is [...]

Audio Trends & Gear

Picking A Live Sound Audio Mixer

08/06/2016, Author: Audio Academy

Whether is was a wedding in the family, a school concert or your first time watching your favourite artist on stage, you have probably been around professional live sound mixers. Also called PA mixers or sound system mixers, if you [...]

Audio Trends & Gear

The Return of High Fidelity Sound

07/06/2016, Author: Audio Academy

Are you an audiophile who roots around in dusty old stores for that Bowie record? Or perhaps a musician who is frustrated with the quality of digital version of your song? Either way, the music landscape seems to be slowly [...]

Audio Trends & Gear

A Hotlist of Versatile MIDI Controllers

17/05/2016, Author: Audio Academy

The music-making process, whether on stage or in the studio involves the use of virtual instruments. It is because of this that a MIDI controller becomes a crucial connection with your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and the virtual instruments. With the host [...]