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Audio Academy adopts RFID technology for Rentals.

26/04/2016, Author: Audio Academy

RFID tagging is an ID system that uses small radio frequency identification devices for identification and tracking purposes. An RFID tagging system includes the tag itself, a read/write device, and a host system application for data collection, processing, and transmission. [...]

Academy Success Stories

The Farmer’s Food Market Sunday Show

25/04/2016, Author: Audio Academy

This Sunday Audio Academy boy's set-up the stage for Hash Tag, Dj Goose, Anoop and Athma at the Farmer's Food Market at Pebbles. Students guided by the faculty members spend the morning setting up the back-line(Stage) at the venue. Band: Hash Tag, Dj Goose, Anoop and Athma Genre: Varied The [...]

Academy Success Stories

Toit Sunday Show

25/04/2016, Author: Audio Academy

Last Sunday of the month and the academy boys get busy setting-up for By 2 Blues at TOIT brew pub. Students guided by the faculty members spend the morning setting up the back-line(Stage) at the venue. By 2 Blues @ TOIT [...]

Audio Legends

The Soundcraft Vi3000 arrives at Audio Academy

25/04/2016, Author: Audio Academy

The new Vi3000 represents a massive leap forward in digital console design and functionality, while also keeping the best elements of the Vi4 and Vi6 consoles,” states Andy Brown, Vi Series senior product manager, Soundcraft. “We have a totally new [...]

Audio Legends

Soundcraft Vi3000 training at Harman

22/04/2016, Author: Audio Academy

Audio academy students attend the Soundcraft Vi3000 training at the Harman office. It sure was a productive day, trained well by Harman Kardon. Our take:It appears that Soundcraft has managed to squeeze in an awful lot into a modest sized [...]

Audio Legends

Monthly Contests at Audio Academy

18/04/2016, Author: Audio Academy

MORE INFO Studio Patching Contest Frequency: Once a Month Time Limit: 20 mins Completion: Within 20 mins –Contestant will be regarded as highly competent Within 25- 30 mins – Contestant will be deemed acceptable Within 30- 45 mins – Contestant [...]


What Does A Music Producer Do?

15/04/2016, Author: Audio Academy

An engineer, mentor, musician, artist and an alchemist— a music producer is constantly morphing into different roles based on the type of music producer he is and the artist he is collaborating with. Music producers are responsible for some of the most [...]