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Meyer Sound’s Bluehorn System Redefines The World of Loudspeakers

17/11/2017, Author: Audio Academy

Meyer Sound’s Bluehorn System has been touted as a technological breakthrough that is the product of over six years of intensive research. It has very quickly won the appreciation of well-known film composers and music professionals and is seen as [...]

Audio Trends & Gear

The Intricacies of Stage Lighting & Design

10/11/2017, Author: Audio Academy

From a rock show and a jazz concert, to a play staged outdoors or indoors, stage lighting is an aspect that can never be the same. The nuances of what makes for great lighting design is what makes this a [...]

Academy Success Stories

A journey into sound systems : Neil Lean

27/10/2017, Author: Audio Academy

Every young man who loves music dreams of playing in a band. And that is exactly how Neil Lean’s foray into music and sound began. Besides exploring his musical direction and played with a couple of bands, he was also [...]

Academy Success Stories

Audio Academy’s first student : Jonathan James

23/10/2017, Author: Audio Academy

Every new venture has its stories from the early days- that first client, student or person who believed in the ideas as much as the founders. Jonathan James, was Audio Academy’s first student and his tryst with music and all [...]

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Seeing Sounds, Tasting Colours & Smelling Words: Synesthesia

04/10/2017, Author: Audio Academy

Synesthesia is a perceptual condition in which stimulation of one sensory pathway triggers automatic, involuntary experiences in another sensory pathway. This causes the person to experience something through a blend of more than one sense, such as seeing sounds, tasting [...]

Academy Success Stories

The Yash Raj Studios Experience: Thejus Nair

28/09/2017, Author: Audio Academy

The founder of Eleven Gauge Recordings, Thejus Nair is an Audio Academy alumni who does recordings, mixing and mastering for music bands in his recording studio. His deep love for music took him through an unconventional path and despite it [...]


Robert Scovill Visits Audio Academy

13/09/2017, Author: Audio Academy

Live sound enthusiasts and technology geeks were in for a treat when multi-award-winning live sound engineer, Robert Scovill was in India recently to conduct two workshops (in Mumbai and Bangalore) on mixing using the AVID S6L. Students at Audio Academy [...]

Audio Legends

Swarathma with Clinton Cerejo & Bianca Gomes: Recording at Audio Academy

23/08/2017, Author: Audio Academy

Swarathma is a Bangalore-based Indian folk-rock band that first shot to the limelight by winning a contest for Bangalore-based bands by Radio City Live and landing their first album contract. Having been featured by Rolling Stone India in their list [...]

Academy Success Stories, Audio Trends & Gear

I Build My Own Synths: Rushikesh Nene

18/08/2017, Author: Audio Academy

Rushikesh Nene, an electrical engineer who has just finished his training in music production at Audio Academy built his own synthesizer. For those who love the idea of hacking together their own instruments, read on to see how he did [...]

Audio Trends & Gear

The Wonderful World of Film Sound

03/08/2017, Author: Audio Academy

George Lucas famously said that "Sound is 50 percent of the movie‑going experience, and I've always believed audiences are moved and excited by what they hear in my movies at least as much as by what they see.” Sound design [...]