This program is for musicians who would like to learn to program, record, mix and master their music.


This 4 day program includes basic acoustics, miking techniques, studio monitors, programming and MIDI. The program will also touch upon uses of FX, optimizing levels for mixer, mixing techniques and finalizing projects.


The facility brags of a state of the art studio with a sound proofed & acoustically treated Control Room & Live Room. While the studio setup is equipped with a Pro Tools HD System, industry standard reference audio speakers and consoles & Analog Audio Mixing console along with outboard gear.


The course fee is Rs 45,000/- plus taxes.


Classes will be held 3 hours each day for 4 day period. This course will be held over the weekends.


Introduction to sound

Basics of Sound & Structure of Sound

Frequency Response, Sound Level & related relationships

Dynamic range, Graphic Eqs, Balanced Vs Un Balanced Signals

Passive & Active Speakers

Difference between Studio speakers & Public address systems


Programming drums in Pro Tools

Tempo & genre

MIDI editing : add groove and feel to your beats

Building custom drum kits : create your own sounds

Audio Recording & Editing

Pro Tools – Recording & Editing

Optimum recording levels

Miking techniques for various instruments

Live recording

Use of Effects & Mixing

Balancing Levels & Panning

Inserting Effects & How to use them

Finalizing your project

Mastering basics 3

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