Any higher secondary (10+2) graduate, passionate about audio and aspiring to become an audio professional along with looking to explore & develop his/her creative technical skills.


This 12 month program which includes a 2 month internship has been developed by professionals from the industry. To give you an idea, the course is structured around 8 modules. You begin with learning the basics of sound, electronics, rigging & safety. You then move on to understanding speakers & amplifiers, the software (Pro Tools), miking techniques & digital signal processing. By this time you will be proficient in recording & mixing in a studio as well as a live show. You will also be trained on acoustics & system design. To complete the course it is mandatory that you to take up the highly acclaimed Avid Pro Tools or Avid Venue certification examination.


The facility brags of a state of the art studio with a sound proofed & acoustically treated control room & live room. While the studio set up is equipped with a Pro Tools HD System, industry standard reference audio speakers and an AVID control surface, the live setup includes Meyer Sound audio aystem, AVID digital live sound audio mixing consoles & analog audio mixing console along with outboard gear.


The course Fee is Rs. 3,75,000/- plus taxes


Classes will be held on 4 days of the week for a minimum of 4 hrs a day. Students can use the facility to improve on their skills on their days off.


Basics of sound & structure of sound

Frequency response, Sound level & related

Perception of sound and psychoacoustics

dB & its relationship

The human ear & safety

Introduction to acoustics

Learning to design and read technical riders

Types of industrial cables & connectors

Cable gauge and current carrying capacity

Introduction to equalization

Introduction to basic electronics

Introduction to resistors , capacitors & inductors

Theory of AC & DC current

Electricity generation-transmission and distribution. Electrical safety measures.

Theory & application of  electromagnetism , Electromagnetic induction

Understanding transformers , Motors and their application

Fundamentals of transistors , vacuum tubes, solid state devices , Integrated circuits

Project work

Ear training part 1

Transducers – types , working principles , connections & acoustical filters

Pre Amps – types of preamps , impedance & phantom power

Power Amps – class of power amps , power matching , impedance

Direct Injection (DI)

Crossover filters – In-depth analysis of crossover filters

Design and working principles of electro-acoustic devices

In depth analysis & configuration of  bi-amp & active systems

Ear training part 2

Signal flow , i/o of audio consoles and different components used

Patching & types of patch bays.

Analog Consoles : hands on training.

Understanding how compressors & gates work , gain based and time based.

Hands on: Setting up audio signal chain for P.A and electrical power considerations

Ear training part 3

Recording and  sound reproduction

Understanding the nyquist theory, sample rate , Bit depth , AD/DA conversion

Digital audio – clock, Anti -aliasing filters, quantization, dither, buffer size, Midi

Digital recording technology

Introduction to Pro Tools

Live Sound - Elective 1

Introduction to Avid Venue console

Digital patching , routing , assigning buses

Plug-in processing

Advanced workflow and optimization

Fundamentals of antennas for wireless microphones

Understand and learn to setup parameters for wireless microphones

Advanced microphone techniques for live, & broadcast.

Basics of rigging

Safety & precautions

Understanding line arrays

Introduction to Rational Acoustics SMAART

Advance usage of SMAART to analyze and tune audio systems

Equalizing monitors


Workflow of FOH, MOH and broadcast engineers


Studio setup and etiquette

Advanced Pro Tools concepts

Advanced routing & patch bays

Advanced mixing techniques

Advanced miking techniques

Location-sound recording techniques and workflow

Audio post-production workflow

Mastering techniques, compression & limiting

Audio logo creation

Understanding and designing studio-acoustics