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Music Production, the right way

13/05/2016, Author: Audio Academy

Music producers are responsible for helping musical artists achieve the best possible sound for their recorded music. Music producers must have extensive knowledge of audio recording techniques and the best way to use music studio equipment. Producers must be able to work closely with musical artists to create the kind of sound that the artist desires.

There is no definite length of time to achieve success in this profession. It can often take years to gain the experience and social connections to get work with major recording artists. Taking music production courses or moving to a larger city can sometimes speed up the track of a producer’s career but this is not guaranteed. Most producers can expect to put in 1-3 years of hard work before beginning to book regular music production jobs.

Music Production
Hands on Production @ Audio Academy
Here are a few tips:
For beginners  the best tip would be to explore the music.
  • Start listening different genres and style of music. Understand and identify what separates them and makes them Unique.
  • Mixing. Mixing is the first stage where you add various instruments and your drums, percussion and all those patterns and make a layered track.
  • Mastering. After you are satisfied with your Mix, the next stage is the Mastering. Mastering is overrated and at times, underrated. Mastering is the stage where you make your Mix loud and clear. You make it perfectly carved and polished. Thus, making your track sound professional.

At Audio Academy we work with Producers from the industry and ensure your are mentored throughout the process while you pursue our Production course. From real world projects to assisting a producer on commercial assignments we see you through it all. 

We’d be open for a detailed chat over a cup of tea at our office where you will also get to interact with faculty, and students to get a better understanding of whether this really is your calling.

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