Have you always been fascinated with the person behind the music rather than the band? Do you want a career in sound? Do you have a ear for music? Then audio engineering is for you. At Audio Academy we focus on giving you a thorough education to ensure your success in the industry. Experienced faculty, high end gear and the right exposure are essential to being a great engineer. And we have just that mix. Our qualified and experienced faculty, is actively engaged with the industry and regularly work with commercial projects. Our professional gear, keeps you up to date with the latest in the industry. Internships and hands-on training is offered with the best in the country, so you are industry ready when you graduate.

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The Avid Certification, is an industrial certification. Avid is an audio global giant based in the United States of America. Their equipment is recognised as  the gold standard in both the audio and video business.This certification is recognised by top music, post-production, movie, television, and broadcast facilities worldwide. It is backed by rigourous training and skill development options that help individuals prepare for the certification exam. Avid Certification serves as validation of a person’s expertise as an Avid User, Administrator, Instructor, Developer, or Support Representative.


Bharat Sevak Samaj is an institution promoted by the Central Government of India.  They offer a variety of courses and provide Diploma programs at the school and college level. Audio Academy’s Audio Engineering programs are certified by Bharat Sevak Samaj.
The constitution and functioning of Bharat Sevak Samaj is approved unanimously by the Indian Parliament.




Niranjan is a freelance audio expert with over a decade\’s experience in the industry.He is an accomplished and well known audio engineer in the country.Having trained with Meyer Sound, he has worked with Jethro Tull, Aerosmith Iron Maiden and Metallica to name a few. Apart from mixing and mastering music for a whole lot of local bands, Niranjan also travels with bands like Peepal Tree, Swarathma, Thermal and a Quarter and Avial, as their preferred sound engineer. A certified VENUE instructor, Niranjan also lends tech support to AVID consoles in India as well as the Middle East

Gautham is a studio engineer and Dante certified trainer at Audio Academy. He works as a recording engineer and post-production engineer at the audio academy studio. His work includes not only recording bands, but also surround sound mixing of independent films.He has also worked as an intercom systems installation engineer  on projects  by Telex RTS in TV stations(Asianet, Colors) and in the defense sector(ADA). He also forms part of the faculty teaching audio fundamentals, studio recording and post production.

A live sound engineer with over a decade’s experience. An AVID certified VENUE professional, Dante certified trainer, Ashwin has worked with international acts like Ernie Hasse (Gospel), Steve Smith ( American drummer), Mumford & Sons, & The Aristocrats. He consistently work with Indian artists like Sid Sriram, Avial, Karthik Iyer, Junk Yard Groove & Motherjane. As a mainstay and integral part of Audio Academy he is  incharge of curriculum, mentoring students and spearheading all activities concerning live sound at Audio Academy.  

Dawn a certified Ableton instructor heads the Music Production Course. He has produced for radio, television and online media for brands like “Britannia”, ”Bajaj Automobiles” , “Mahindra” , “Flipkart” , “Wipro” and many more as well as composing music and producing for film and other artists. He also produces electronic music under the alias DJP in the artistic domain. Dawn’s industry acumen and knowledge of it’s inner workings is reflected in his extensive portfolio of work.

Agilesh is our resident faculty & studio manager. With a B.Tech in Electronics & Media Technology you just can’t beat him in theory. With strong fundamentals, he has come a long way since he joined us. A Pro Tools certified operator, he does justice to accolades from his previous employment like ” best tutor award “. From award winning documentaries, to music recordings,to building a great mix he has done it all!

The electronics man, a freelance live sound engineer, and an entrepreneur all packed into one. Naveen Ujre, the “Guru of Tronics” imparts electrical and electronics fundas to our aspiring audio engineers.

Drummer, programmer and producer, Guru’s experience in the current live sound scene is what puts him on our list of top professionals. Guru teaches stage management at Audio Academy.

Musician par excellence and Vice President- Operations at Shankar Mahadevan Academy, Ragavan gives our students a musician\’s perspective of what is expected of them as a Sound Engineer.

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