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Professional Stage Lighting and Design



Anyone passionate about production lighting and aspiring to become a lighting professional along with looking to explore & develop his/her creative technical skills.


This 5 class program has been developed by professionals from the industry. The course is structured to provide you in-depth knowledge on lighting set-up, rigging, and lighting control surfaces.


You will receive training on a Avolite Tiger Touch lighting controller with moving heads, sharpys as well as Avolites Titan Pc based lighting control software.


The course fee is Rs. 45,000/- plus taxes.


Classes will be conducted for a duration of three hours a day.


Module 1

Properties of light: Speed , wavelength, unit to measure light, intensity, lumens, reading light

How the Human eye works

Power supply

Cable gauge, Connectors.

Types of lights

What is DMX.

Lighting stands, clamps with load.

Module 2

What are filters, Gel paper and gel, Butter paper and its use.

Understanding DMX addressing , basic lighting plot Software.

Rigging basics – Truss loading , spansets , Pulley maintainence, Load calculations. Using safety.

Learning to focus lights .

Modules 3 & 4

Practical hands on the Avolites

Titan software for PC