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Swarathma with Clinton Cerejo & Bianca Gomes: Recording at Audio Academy

23/08/2017, Author: Audio Academy

Swarathma is a Bangalore-based Indian folk-rock band that first shot to the limelight by winning a contest for Bangalore-based bands by Radio City Live and landing their first album contract. Having been featured by Rolling Stone India in their list [...]

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Why Recording At Audio Academy Is Brilliant – Bruce Lee Mani

12/04/2017, Author: Audio Academy

Thermal and a Quarter (TAAQ), one of the biggest names in rock from Bangalore has released seven studio albums till last year. They have opened for big, international bands including Deep Purple, Guns N' Roses and most recently, The Dire [...]

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Music production workshop

14/02/2017, Author: Audio Academy

Joe Panikar, an electronic music producer, of the music and visual collaborative Aerate sound; presented a music production workshop at the Audio Academy premises. The workshop was conducted as a joint effort by the indie label Bangalore Recording Co. and [...]

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On Tour: What It Means To Be a Live Sound Engineer

14/12/2016, Author: Audio Academy

If you have always been the guy who never misses a concert and yet has eyes mostly on the man behind the controls, then this article is for you. Often shrouded in anonymity, the live sound engineer is the one [...]

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Pro Tools Workshop at Audio Academy

18/08/2016, Author: Audio Academy

This week at the academy, Avid product specialist Deepanshu Misra, conducted a workshop on Avid’s Protools 12.5 paired with the Avid S3 Console and and The Protools Control iPad Dock. Deepanshu explained the concepts of digital audio, Aanalogue to digital and Digital to [...]

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DPA Microphones conducts a workshop at Audio Academy

26/04/2016, Author: Audio Academy

DPA Microphones is a Danish manufacturer of microphones for professional and consumer markets. DPA conducted a workshop along with their team at the Audio Academy campus. This was the first workshop of its kind in collaboration with Ansata Computer Systems. The workshop [...]

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The Soundcraft Vi3000 arrives at Audio Academy

25/04/2016, Author: Audio Academy

The new Vi3000 represents a massive leap forward in digital console design and functionality, while also keeping the best elements of the Vi4 and Vi6 consoles,” states Andy Brown, Vi Series senior product manager, Soundcraft. “We have a totally new [...]

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Soundcraft Vi3000 training at Harman

22/04/2016, Author: Audio Academy

Audio academy students attend the Soundcraft Vi3000 training at the Harman office. It sure was a productive day, trained well by Harman Kardon. Our take:It appears that Soundcraft has managed to squeeze in an awful lot into a modest sized [...]

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Monthly Contests at Audio Academy

18/04/2016, Author: Audio Academy

MORE INFO Studio Patching Contest Frequency: Once a Month Time Limit: 20 mins Completion: Within 20 mins –Contestant will be regarded as highly competent Within 25- 30 mins – Contestant will be deemed acceptable Within 30- 45 mins – Contestant [...]