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How To Develop Perfect Pitch

13/01/2018, Author: Audio Academy

Whispers, horns, music, dog barks, the sound of the TV in the neighbour’s house— these are all sounds of the world that only come to life for us because of our ears. Capable of detecting sound waves that travel through [...]

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Learn how to set-up a Live Concert like a Pro

28/06/2017, Author: Audio Academy

With big names such as Chris Martin, Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran making their way to India, the pomp and show associated with live concerts is fresh in the minds of many people. One of the most important roles among [...]

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4DSOUND – Pushing The Boundaries of Experiencing Sound

05/01/2017, Author: Audio Academy

What is 4D Sound? 4DSOUND is a collective involved in exploring spatial sound as a medium. Founded in 2007 by composer Paul Oomen and technologists Poul Holleman, Luc van Weelden and Salvador Breed, the collective’s goal was to further the [...]

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Ears & Years: What It Takes To Make a Great Sound Engineer

08/10/2016, Author: Audio Academy

One of the signs of a great sound engineer is the ability to intuitively ‘feel’ their way through a mix. You don’t have to be born with this talent. It is one that can be acquired with deliberate practice, focus [...]

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A Practical Guide to Kickstarting YourAudio Engineering Career

25/09/2016, Author: Audio Academy

Have you always been more fascinated with the guy live mixing at a concert rather than the band who is performing? Or maybe your dream was to create a career involving your passion for sound and ear for music? Stop [...]

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Music Production, the right way

13/05/2016, Author: Audio Academy

Music producers are responsible for helping musical artists achieve the best possible sound for their recorded music. Music producers must have extensive knowledge of audio recording techniques and the best way to use music studio equipment. Producers must be able [...]

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What Does A Music Producer Do?

15/04/2016, Author: Audio Academy

An engineer, mentor, musician, artist and an alchemist— a music producer is constantly morphing into different roles based on the type of music producer he is and the artist he is collaborating with. Music producers are responsible for some of the most [...]